Tuesday, August 28, 2007

21rst Century Skills

Please answer all the following questions. You must read at least five other people's responses and comment or question on at least one other student in your own reflection.

Seeing that you, as a whole group, are considered the "Net-Generation", what real world skills do you need in order to succeed in the global scheme of life? If public education must prepare you for the "real world", what should we help to prepare you to do? When you think about the inevitable future, what concerns you regarding your place in a vast, competitive, innovative global market?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Your Learning

Please repsond to ALL of the following questions/statements-make sure to label your answers accordingly: (Please make sure to proofread and use complete sentences)

1) What is the value of learning?

2) What is your role as a learner?

3) List two qualities of an effective student

4) List two qualities of an effective teacher

5) List one expectation you have of this class (what will make this a great class?)

6) What type of environment will help us learn, thrive and have fun?