Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Your Learning

Please repsond to ALL of the following questions/statements-make sure to label your answers accordingly: (Please make sure to proofread and use complete sentences)

1) What is the value of learning?

2) What is your role as a learner?

3) List two qualities of an effective student

4) List two qualities of an effective teacher

5) List one expectation you have of this class (what will make this a great class?)

6) What type of environment will help us learn, thrive and have fun?


P.Englert said...

1) The value of learning is all in the eye of the beholder of course. To me the value of learning is to better myself in the academic sense. Also learning is a way to evolve and to keep yourself engaged in the modern world.

2)My role as a learner is to find strategies that will make learning easy and fun. I have to engage myself. The teacher can lecture and play games with me but if I don't want to learn then I wont. Also it is my job as a learner to be respectful to other learners by making a safe and comfortable environment around me.

3) engaged,

4) He/she must try to engage the class in fun and effective ways.

He/she must care about the wellfare of the students.

5) I want to look deeply into the conflicts that were present when the books were written and how they reflect the style, setting, and events the author writes about.

6) A fun, engaging, comfortable environment.

A.Widmann said...

1) What is the value of learning?
The value of learning is to gain knowledge to use in the real world. We don't learn for school we learn for life and the challenges ahead of us. If we don’t learn we won’t succeed and well fail. Learning is the most important thing in life and it isn’t just school it that way for everything!

2) What is your role as a learner?
To take in as much information as possible. learning more is better because we can use more of it in life!

3) List two qualities of an effective student

4) List two qualities of an effective teacher
Helps when needed

5) List one expectation you have of this class (what will make this a great class?)

6) What type of environment will help us learn, thrive and have fun?
Mad labs would make it fun and doing group activities.

M.Dansereau said...

1. The value of learning is to get smarter. You should want to learn so that you can get a good job and make money.

2. I should do my homework and study for tests and read the books and try to understand them.

3. study, do homework

4. not mean, makes sense

5. I dont want to fail.

6. laid back, know what to do for assignments

C.Ffreeman said...

The value of learning is the comprehension of the material givin to you. The value of learning is being able to put into use in the real word not just in the class room. My role as a learner is to get everything that the world has to offer. Two qualities of a good student is learning and taking something out of the class. Two qualities of a good teacher is the ablility to get the main points across and have fun with the learnings. To come awy with something out of the class.The enviroment has to be fun but on topic aswell to get the most out of the class.

A.Lepry said...

1. I think the value of learning is the expansion of our brains and bodies. Espicially now, in high school, I believe its very important to learn as much as we can so we can become smarter and more creative in the future. Although learning is not always fun, I learn something new everyday, even if its not in school. Learning is one of the biggest tools crucial for succeding in life.

2.My role as a learner is respecting who is teaching me, coming prepared, and always being ready to learn. I think my role has to also be a willing student by trying to have a good attitude at all times.

3.- Always coming prepared
- Being responsible for my own learning

4.- Being willing to review information when asked
- Not going over new things too quickly

5. I think this class has the potential to be come great if the students and teacher are enthused about learning and everyone treats eachother respect.

6.I think a fun enviorment will help us thrive and learn. No one wants to learn in a class where the teaher lectures and yells the whole time.

G.Barfoot said...

1.The value of learnig to me is to know what's going on in our world. In order to be successful in this life i think you need to have some type of knowledge. Weather you are learing from a teacher or your peers it's important to learn as much as you can.

2.My role as a learner is to be in charge of my own education. If i want to get as much as i can out of school i need to be willing to learn and take things in.

3.-Willing to learn and listen and be accepting to new things.
-Confidence in your self.

4. -Understanding
-Willing to accept other's views

5.One expectation i have of this class is to learn alot but also actually enjoy coming to this class. A class that we don't dread coming to and it's not all just lecture.

6.A relaxed environment really helps. I like when we are able to have class discussions and everyone can have an opinion. I learn better when we are doing hands on things instead of lectures and notes. If we can have fun and learn at the same time it's alot easier to be willing to work.

A. Kavanagh said...

Ever since we were kids we were stressed the importance of an education. The value of learning is being able to be successful in life. Learning basic life skills gives us a foundation for further learning. Learning more about the world and our life makes a successful person.

I would expect my role in learning is to be accepting of what is taught. The best possible circumstance is to be a sponge. Teachers are here to teach and we are here to learn and our role as a learner is to be open and gracious to the opportunity. As learners we need to be willing to learn.

An Effective student:
1. Willing to learn
2. Respectful to the environment.

An Effective Teacher:
1. Understanding
2. Helpful

Being well prepared to do the assignments.

M Griffin said...

1)The value of learning is to learn various things used in the real world. When you learn you develop essential skills to help you with many things. Like a future job, being able to have an intelligent conversation and many other things. Also when you learn a bunch of different topics you find ones that your interested in and this could possibly help you decide what profession to go into.

2)My role as a learner is to take in all the information that I can and really let it sink in. Also my role is to find out what interests me and take classes that are similar to my interests. Another role as a learner is to go above and beyond. Constantly taking your work to the next level is extremely important.

3) Obedient and hard working

4) Explains well and in several techniques, friendly.

5) A bunch of fun, group activities. We need to have fun to make learning interesting.

6) A talkative, outgoing environment. This way know one feels shy.

H.Kendell said...

1.Listen to what your teacher is telling. Raise your hand if you don't understand what she is talking about. Do all your homework then you will understand the next day what the teacher and students are talking about in class.
2. my role as learner would have to be listren to my teacher and do all my homework and make sure i go to the teacher on her off hours and ask for help if i don't understan what to do on the homework.Talk to students or the teacher if you are not there that day.
3.Listen to the teacher, take notes if you need to, Listen to the student when he/she is talking in class.
4.Make the class fun, have the students get into groups and talk over the topic, don't pick on the same people all the time.
5.just to do well in the class and make the most of it really.
6. doing a lot of group thing is the most fun way to learn and fun while learning that way the class is not boring and kids won't fall asleep in the class.

HGoldsmith said...

1. The value of learning is extremely important. To me, learning is what makes my life important, and it's what is going to give me the ability to achieve any goal I desire. Learning can allow you to do things you never thought possible and it can get you an excellent career. Along with your career, it can enrich your life. Your knowledge can be more valuable and you can help others later on in life. To me, learning is a valuable thing to have and it's something that shouldn't be taken for granted.

2. My role as a learner is a very important one. Being a learner allows me to absorb knowledge useful in my life. It also helps me to teach others what I have learned, which may ultimately help them succeed in their lives. Being a learner can be very difficult at times because you may not want to learn what is being taught. But you may just have to suck it up and deal with it because you never know when it's going to help you later in life. Being a learner opens many doors you never knew existed, which allows you to have more opportunities in life than you ever thought possible.

3. Two qualities of an effective student are a willingness to learn, and an enthusiasm about what is being taught.

4. Two qualities of an effective teacher are patience with their students, and a passion about what they're teaching.

5. One expectation I have of this class is to be able to walk out when it's all done knowing that I learned something that will benefit my life.

6. I would like to have our enviroment be an exciting, fun and a cooperative one. A class without a little excitment in it makes everyone bored which ultimately makes the class itself boring. A teacher that knows what he or she is talking about makes it a lot easier too, and it makes it a lot of fun when they have a true passion for what they are teaching to the rest of us. I like an enviroment where I feel comfortable expressing my opinions, and a class that my friends are in too. The students and the teacher need to be friendly so there is an opportunity to meet new people and establish new friendships. A lot of hands on and partner activities may help the class learn too because not everybody learns in the exact same way. Plus it makes the class more enjoyable when you're allowed to be more social.

K. Kemerling said...

1. most of the things that i learn in school, are either, confusing, uninteresting, or not useful in anyway possible. but it's still important to learn things. However over the years, all of those ramdom facts will add up in your head. If you want to understand the things that are important to you, you must know all of the random facts that you learned in the beginning. you can not understand trigonometry unless you understand algebra. you cannot write books, unless you understand basic composition. the value of learing, now, may not seem important, mostly because we are teenagers and all of us probably fee we could be doing much more fun things than sitting in class. But in the end, i know i will appreciate my education and the fact that i didn't ditch class in high school. The value of learing is infact, very high.

2. as a learner, my role is to do my best to understand what i am learing, even if i don't find it interesting. I have to read the books we are reading in class even if i think they are plotless, lame pieces of literature that should be burned in a bonfire. I have to participate in our class's discussions, even if i don't want to express my opinion. my role as a learner, is to learn to be compatible with my teacher, and the students around me(even if i don't like them).

3. appreciates their teacher, and they always do their best.

4. understands that most students have stressful lives, does their best to teach with out overloading the student with work.

5. i want to read books that are well known, and fun to read. i love to read, but if a book is boring or i'm being forced to read, i can't stand reading. i think it would be cool to read books that are interesting, and make us forget that we're only reading them because our teacher tells us to.

6. i think it would be fun to just have discussions in an open forum type of way. I realize that might be hard condsidering we have a large class in a small room. but we could go to the outdoor classroom, or sit outside on the grass.

J.Carbajal said...

1)One of the values in learning is moving forward in life. To know more about your enviroment and what's going on in the world. Learning will make your everyday things easier. Learning will take you farther in life.
2)My lone in learning is to pay attention to the teacher so I can get the most out of what they want to teach me.
3)Someone that pays attention when the teacher is teaching to you and another one is to listen when you need to listen.
4)A teacher should make the subject as interesting even if it's boring and they should actually teach us not sit around and be our friends the hole time.
5)I would like to learn more about American Lit. because I don't know very much about it.
6)When you come to class looking forward to class helps a lot because you won't want to just sleep or day dream during class you'll actually pay attention.

K Maron said...

1. The value of learning is priceless. Learning is important because it makes you think and wonder. Learning also keeps your thoughts morphing and molding you into the person you are. Learning is more then just math, writing, and science. Learning is gaining social skills and handling stressful situations outside of the school environment. Learning is and important part of growing up and becoming the person you want to be.

2. My role as a learner is to comprehend the information shown to me. Also, my role as a learner is to help others take responsibility for their learning as well. To me, being a learner is a job in its own. It takes time, responsibility, and time management skills. But also, being a learner is a privilege. So many kids miss out on this opportunity. I learn for those kids who miss out on education.

3. Time management

4. Understanding

5. Great Discussions

6. To me, an environment that will help us learn is a place where there is structure, but at the same time there is a sense of comfort and openness.

lizschwisow said...

1) To me the value of learning is one of the most valuable and useful things the world can offer. Learning is something that allows you to keep and hold the information you learn in your brain for a very long period of time. Even if the material that a teacher or someone asks you to learn is something that seems useless and stupid, it can prove to be very valuable in years to come. Learning can help you teach others in the future also. For instance, if you become a mentor of any kind and recall something that you learned years ago, that information can help you to explain it to others that your mentoring. Learning is something that can be passed down for years and years no matter what the topic or who your teaching.

2) My role as a learner consists of numerous different things. One thing I need to do as a learner is to be willing to learn. When you're a person that sits there complaining about everything and not paying attention, not only do you become a poor learner, but you distract others from learning. If I pay attention and focus on the task at hand, I'm going to be a much better learner. Many people memorize information and forget it a few weeks later rather then learning it. My role as a learner is to actually learn and understand the information instead of just take the easy route out.

3) -willingness to learn
-having fun while learning

4) -understanding
-getting through to students

5) Discovering some American literature that isnt boring or horrible to read and is something i enjoy instead.

6) The type of environment that will help us learn, thrive and have fun is one that is comfortable and enjoyable. If the environment is boring and dull then people get bored and dont enjoy learning the things that are being taught. I personally find that when things besides notes everyday and lessons that are just lectures and just the teacher talking I get bored and lose interest. Maintaining interest is a very key thing for me to help me learn because when I lose interest and get off track its extremely hard for me to come back and focus. I find that alot of my friends and other students feel the same way. If people are ready and willing to learn it makes everyone more relaxed and makes the environment great!

M. Kosse said...

1) I believe that the value of learning is how it affects you in later life. You can learn to break things down and comprehend them. You can provide logic to back yourself up. With learning comes knowledge, and with knowledge you can make yourself into something big. Without the knowledge of the years behind us, we would be in the same cycle over and over, trapped in a string of primitive wars. By learning from the people before us, we can make the future that much better.

2) My role as a learner is to pay attention. I have to take notes, concentrate, and try to think in the big picture. I also have to take part in class discussions as often as I can. As hard as it can be, participating can bring a lot of understanding. Also, being a learner means listening to and respecting other people's point of view, even if it conflicts with my own.

3)a. pays close attention
b. respects views/other people

4)a. is understanding
b. wants the class to understand

5) I expect this class to have really great literature. I really like having in-depth discussions over social philosophy, so I really, really hope that we're reading Thoreau/Emerson.

6) An open envionment, where people can freely express themselves, would be fantastic. I think that if we could be free to disagree or debate, we could learn so much more from eachother.

TWilson465 said...

The value of learning is so crucial it our society simply because if we did not teach and kids did not learn there would be no future. People who do not learn cannot achieve success because they dont know enough to.
my role as a learner is to pay attention and learn what i am being taught. As a learner i am being taught for the future and being taught to carry out jobs that are given to me. Two qualities of an effective student would be putting fourth 100% effort and doing what they can to learn more. Two qualities of an effective teacher are productive and attentive to make an opportune learning environment. Keeping a good pace and having fun in the process. I feel our classroom will help me thrive and also have fun...

P.Daeke said...

1. The value of learning to me is to be able to understand the content being presented to the class. Learning is to be able to learn from your mistakes made in the past and not to make them again. Learning helps to make good decisions and avoid hurtful ones. Learning helps with getting a job and making money in a business. Learning is a key value to life and it's desicions.
2. My role as a learner is to understand the key concepts of life and know when they arouse. I need to be open to knowledge that will come from others with more experience then myself. My key role as a learner is learning how to sustain information given to me in school and use it in my life.
3. Listening, open minded, willing to try, and never giving up
4. Patientice, an open mind, a good teaching technique, and loving what you do
5. One expectation I have of this class is to have fun and learn something new.
6. An enviornment that knows how to have fun and when the time comes to be serious be able to pay attention.

T.Grobner said...

1. The value of learning to me is a very important aspect in life. Honestly I think that learning when you are young can depend on what happens in the future. If you don't know much about anything you probably wont go too far in life. Education will most likely get you the job you are wanting and even needing. This will get you food on your table, a roof over your head, and happiness. Also you don't just learn when it comes to education. You learn about life and itself in general. I mean by saying that is you learn the ways to live from your parents or the person that you look up to. Learning is huge in every aspect.

2. My role in learning is to be focused on what subject needs to be done. I also believe that I will ask questions when it is needed. I will attend my classes, wanting to be there and try to make the best of everything! I love learning new things so when I get to I try to make it the best even if it isn't something I want to know! Learning will help me in the long run. Also knowing that I am a very outgoing person I will try and comment with a lot and participate as much as possible!

3. -Not talking when the teacher is
-Turn in homework on time

4. -Having teachers help out with anything that is needed with the student
-Take time going through lessons

5. At the end of this class I am going to want to be able to read a lot of information and then remembering it after I read it. I want to learn how to become an amazing reader and even at the same time I want to enjoy it!

6. This environment will be way better if the whole class is working together and all participating! That will make the environment a great place to learn in because we can help one another out when we need it.

N.Mandala said...

1) In our society we put a very high value on learning. This is because knowledge is the key to success and the American dream revolves around the idea of succeeding. Nowadays, we are starting to see how an education can be a doorway to an unlimited amount of possibility. Most jobs won't even accept an applicant who doesn't at least have a high school diploma.
So the moral of the comment is that a good education leads to a happy life, otherwise you will die homeless and alone.

2) As a student, my role is to soak up as much knowledge as I can, so that one day I can apply it to the real world and make a living. The only problem about this is that the school system couldn't possibly teach me what I REALLY need to know. Mathematics may help you learn how to add up the total from your Taco Bell order, but what will it do for you when you get car-jacked on your way out of the drive thru. So in reality, my role as a student is to be lead blindly into a killing field.

3) An effective student is one who can free his/her mind beyond the chokehold of Mr. Teacher Person. A good student thinks outside the box and when it comes time to do his/her homework, they do it recklessly and out of control. A good student understands that high school isn't really preparing you for life; it's just taking up your time.

Brian said...

1. Learning is very valuable in today's society. Learning is the basis of how to live well and how to be successful. It is the driving force behind the greatness of this country. The people who we, as individuals, think are brilliant or funny or role models are the same as you and I. The way they achieved this was by learning.
2. Our role as learners is to be willing to learn. This is the main role as a learner. If we are willing to learn, we will be able to focus, listen, and have fun learning. If we aren't willing to learn, we can't focus and it won't be fun.
3. willing to learn, listen
4. make it fun, confident
5. One expectation i have of this class is that it will be fun, but that I will learn from it. That I will be able to get something valuable out of it, but it will be fun.
6. A good environment would include activities, talking about things, and just having fun while reading or writing.

Natalie H said...

1) Learning is very valuable because it is your knowlegde. Your success comes from your knowlegde. The knowlegde you've learned and experienced is a tool that helps you through paths. It's your own. It's what you know, what you have been taught, and what you hold on to forever to guide you. Everyday new values are learned and it is what you are. Your brain is what you are. Therefore, learning is of great value.

2) My role as a learner is to learn new knowledge. Thousands of lessons are taught everyday. Listening and understanding is learning. That is my role: to make sense of the facts and learn the new facts.

3) Two qualities of an effective student: - A good listener who asks questions.
-Makes sense of whats being taught in your own mind.

4) - Someone who cares and is patient.
- Has a passion of teaching others and willing to be elaborate in in confusing explanations.

5) One expectation would be to become a better writer.

6) A comfortable eviroment.
(Positive and respectful.)

K.Holtgreive said...

1. I think the value of learning is very important because it depends on the future of everyone. Without knowledge, it would be hard to get jobs or go to college. If you dont have a good paying job, your life will just continue to tumble downhill. Education helps one get a great job that will pay the bills and put food on the table. Most people that have become very successful have gone to great colleges and recieved amazing grades. Without learning, people wouldnt have good paying jobs beacuse they wouldnt know how to do anything.

2. My role as a learner is to be attentive and listen. I need to ask questions when im confused and get help when I need it. I need to make comments and speak out loud about topics that we go over in class. I need to do my work and do it well. I also need to try. When I dont try I dont do well and I also begin to think I cant do it even when I can. When I tell myself I can do it and work hard, it only pushes me to work harder.

3. - Work hard
- Pay attention in class

4. - Take time to go over lessons (dont rush assignments)
- Be an understanding teacher to students learning capabilities, every student learns a different way.

5. I expect to become the type of student that enjoys reading.

6. The best type of enviornment for this class would be if everyone worked together and respected eachother. This class will be impossible to learn in if it has the class clown cracking jokes every second and just being loud and obnoxious. Recieving fun assignments would make the class a lot more fun!

L. Fishman said...
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L. Fishman said...

1. I think the value of learning is to succeed. Knowledge is your absolute most important tool in life. Learning and continuing to learn when ever you’re given the opportunity is what helps you grow as a person. If learning wasn’t a value of life how would you honestly figure out who you are and what you can become? You can establish your morals and enforce them. Without knowledge we all would JUST be people. We would lack personality and that’s boring.

2. My role as a learner is to listen. In order to build my own observations I have to hear others first. Group discussions and class lectures believe it or not are two of the biggest techniques that help me understand a subject. That and I love to be creative. Ill colors almost anything! Projects that have a lot of room for ideas and personality are usually when I strive the most as a learner and a student.

3. An effective student should be able to ask questions and contribute to the learning environment.

4. An effective teacher should have patience and should have passion for the subject he/she will be teaching.

5. I actually have very high expectations for this class. I’m looking forward to group
discussions and a lot of creative and fun assignments. It's going to take a lot of hard work, but I’m looking forward to it. I want to walk out loving American literature.

6. I think everything should be fun and energetic. I don’t want to be afraid to laugh but everyone should know when it's time to be serious. A friendly teacher is a good teacher :).

A.Gowans said...

1) The value of learning to me is important. Its going to teach me what i'm going to need use when I get to the real world. Learning is going to teach me skills that are going to help me succeed in the real world after college. The skills I learn are going to help me get a job so I can survive without someone guiding me like a teacher or my mom. The value of learning is going to help people in life. Learning is not always fun but in the end you will appreciate what you know and what you have learned over the years.

2)My role as a learner is to come to class prepared to learn. It is my job to take in and process what my teacher is saying. My role is to do my work and do it correctly. Also it is to ask questions when I am confused and not just sit back and continue to be confused. My role as a learner is to participate in class when we have class discussions.

3)-Coming to class prepared
-A hardworker

4)-Helps you whenever you need help with anything.
-He/she doesnt act like there bored standing up in front of the class because then the students will feed off of her and become bored also.

5) An expectation that I have is that I will learn a lot in this class from the books we will read but also make the learning fun as well.

6)A fun, and comfortable environment where you can be yourself.

A.harkin said...

1) The value of learning to me would be to end up walking out of somewhere knowing something I already didn’t know. The main idea of learning is to be smarter that the person next to and to impress your parents you in the long run. Most people just want to be the best at what they do and learning is one of those things.

2) My role as a learner would be to absorb as much information as possible and walk out of this class knowing more than I did when I walked in everyday. I have to want to learn because the teacher can talk all he or she wants and I don’t want to learn the I don’t it just goes in one ear and out the other.

3) Two qualities of an effective student would be: willing to learn

4) Two qualities of a good teacher would be: Helps when needed and Adds humor to the lesson

5) One expectation I have for this class would be that we have fun and creative lessons

6) A humorous environment will help me in the class in the learning and fun areas of the question

T. Heinle said...

1) The value of learning is becoming a well rounded individual. Able to best cope and contribute to society. In order to achive goals in life, it is important to have the building blocks in place. The key of which is education.

2) The role as a learner is to have a teachable attitude. The learning process is being attentive, prepared, and ready to apply knowladge. Continuously challenge the thinking process. To find strategies that will better apply the knowledge and make it easy.

3) Organization and Sacrifice.
4) On-time and Organized.
5) One expectation would be to come away from the class with knowladge that I can apply to society.
6) An engaged and also relaxed enviorment would help me thrive.

d.holsapple said...

1. The value of learning is the most important necessity you can possess. Learning is so important because without knowledge you can do nothing.
2. My role as a learner is to carry on and innovate the knowledge of today.
3. A good learner asks a lot of questions and reviews what they’ve learn outside of class.
4. A good teacher makes sure all their students understand a concept and presents the information in a direct clear way.
5. What will make this class great is if we make time for fun.
6. An open environment where everyone talks will make the class fun.

T.McManus said...

1.) One of the most valued things in America is learning. Learning is a choice. One doesn’t have to be given an education to learn, although one must be taught to learn. Weather that is having a teacher, or finding things out on your own, there are things to learn every day. Learning is taking past experiences and understanding the outcomes of your actions. If one has an education they choose learn and excel in it. Everything you learn prepares you for what lies ahead in this world.

2.) My role as a learner is to try my best to understand what I am being taught and work my hardest. To take what I learn and do my best to use it everyday. I need to make the most of all situations and help make my class a fun learning experience.

3.) -Self motivated

4.) -Available

5.) A variation of assignments would make this class great.

6.) A productive class that is respectful to other students as well as the teacher. Also, easy going and on task. Group work gets others to interact which keeps things interesting.

M Lips said...

1) The value of learning is important because it can completely change ones future. Learning shapes your future in what classes you take, what degree you get, and what profession you eventually get into. The knowledge you hold will shape a huge part of the rest of your life.
2) As a learner we choose what role we take and for me it's trying to understand what is being taught and making it useful to my life in some way.
3) An effective student is hardworking and willing to learn.
4) An effective teacher is understanding , fun, and respectful.
5) Staying on track and having meaningful conversations and learning will make this class great.
6) An on track and prepared class will help us learn a lot.

M Lips said...
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T.Schulze said...

My role as a learner is to be organized and ready to learn every day. To me organized means having papers sorted and neatly tucked away in my notebook. Ready to learn can have more than one meaning. For example it could mean m having a good attitude towards the work that is asked of me. Another thing it could represent is having my work completed and right. I think my role as a learner is to go out of my way to learn.

S.Burkhardt said...

1. The value of learning is important because if you are not gaining anything from spending time in class then you are really just wasting a bunch of time. To learn you should be attentive, focused, and asking questions especially if you do not understand something.
2. My role as a learner is to become a better listener, better speaker, and better at following directions, also asking for help if something is not understandable or just doesn't make sense. As a learner I should be going to see the teacher for help even if I think that I am getting a good grade.
3. Good listener, question asker.
4. Cares about what he/she is teaching, makes the class a fun environment.
5. A challenge!!
6. An environment that is fun, safe, and one were students interact and share knowledge.

Lara B. said...

1.) When we are asked what the value of learning is you think of education and school, but learning is so much more than knowing what 2+2 is. The truth is that you never stop learning, you learn something new everyday, maybe it will be educational or historical but you could also learn why it isn't good for dogs to eat chocolate or being able to handle situations better. You'll be learning for the rest of your life and it helps you to suceed where ever life takes you. So the value of learning, according to me, is for yourself to know and grow more as a person.
2.) As a learner, my role is to listen and learn and take in information that I think will be helpful in my life. Learning expands your knowledge and helps in the long run. Another role is to try your hardest to be on top of things and use the information you learn and put it towards life situations.
3.) Hardworking and responsible
4.) Ability to get students involved and explain things throughly
5.) Having class disscusions, involving everyone to participate.
6.) A comfortable and exciting environment.