Monday, October 22, 2007

Franklin Virtues

Everyone must answer ALL the following questions:
  • What is your favorite Franklin quotation from his "Autobiography"? (Please cite the quotation in the text and comment on it).
  • What character traits did Franklin possess that made him a successful man? Make sure to elaborate. What makes others (maybe you, perhaps) admire him?
  • Why do we work to better ourselves? Is moral perfection attainable?
  • Which virtue on Franklin's list do you think is most important? Why?
  • Which virtue do you think we need more of? Explain.


Ariel K. said...

1. I think a character trait Ben Franklin had was drive. His drive lead him to success, he was a successful inventor and he helped found the Academy of Philadelphia.
2.We work to better ourselves because once a personal goal is reached we are always striving to do more and push our limits.
3. I don't think moral perfection is attainable. Looking back on the last question, with the characteristic of always pushing ourselves, moral perfection is always changing to a higher goal.
4. Order. The way I see that virtue, is sort of saying "go with the flow" and to just relax, which i think everyone can practice a little bit.

Lara B. said...

1. “A man being sometimes more generous when he has but a little money than when he has plenty, perhaps through fear of being thought to have but little.” I like this quote because he likes making other people happy and grateful which makes him feel like a better person.
2. Confidence makes people more successful. Like Benjamin Franklin, he knew that there was something in the world out there for him and he knew he could make a difference. He’s admired by the way he treats others and helps in finding more efficient ways to get things done. He always wanted to improve his mind and enhance the world.
3. We work to better ourselves for many different reasons, maybe to make the world a better place, or just to be satisfied with who we are, individually. I think that everyone has their own ideas of moral perfections, so yes I think everyone, individually can obtain their own moral perfection. Adding to Ariel’s comment we will always have higher goals but we will reach those goals before making new ones.
4. I think that Industry is an important virtue because we need to always being doing something like learning, creating, inventing, and exploring to keep life going and better the world. I also think that we need more Frugality because we need to live life to the fullest and have fun. Making the world a better place to live and making it enjoyable for everyone.

HannahG said...

1. "Speak not but what may benefit others or yourself;avoid trifling conversation." I liked this quote because it's saying to avoid petty conversation and instead have conversations that strengthen relationships and actually mean something.
2.I believe that Ben Franklin was a very ambitious and confident man. He was confident that he would not fail at whatever he attempted which led to many great accomplishments and inventions. He also had ambition to finish everything he started, such as his research in electricity, publishing The Pennsylvania Gazette, and founding the Academy of Philadelphia.
3.I dont think moral perfection is attainable just because of the fact that nobody can ever be 100% perfect. People can try all they want to become perfect, but there are always going to be weak spots in your life no matter what. I believe that sincerity is the most important virtue on that list because lying does nothing but hurt people. People deserve to hear the truth whatever it may be, and when one is sincere to others they get the respect they deserve.

Kelsi. K said...

1. i liiked the quote "Tolerate no uncleanliness in body, clothes, or habitation." to me is seems like a good message promoting that you should always be the best you can be.

2. i think that his best character traits were that he could dream big, but still think realisticly.

3. moral perfection is attainable to thos who want it. I work hard because i want to do well in life, and have personal satisfaction, and to me that is moral perfection

4. i like the sincerity one. You can kind of compare it to the present when he says speak innocently, in the present it could me don't make things funny that arn't. And speak accordingly, is sort of like, say what you mean, don't beat around the bush.

5. I think we need more of "order" because so many people are just unorgagnized, and that affects everything they do.

Maureen K. said...

1. My favorite quote was, "Speak not but what may benefit others or yourself; avoid trifling conversation." I like this quote because it encourages people to get straight to the point, with honesty, as opposed to people who talk for way too long on pointless matters.

2. He, as Ariel said, had a lot of drive, pushing to make things better. He also was respectful of others, and was very efficient.

3. I admire him because he was always trying to make things faster or better. He was also very matter-of-fact and straight to the point, which is a trait so few of us have.

4. I think that we work to better ourselves so that, eventually, we could be better than anyone else. Now, I wouldn't be able to tell if this was a concious thought or not. But I'm sure the thought of being the best out of a group of people is appealing to most. Furthermore, being at our best mental, physical, and moral state would most likely increase our life expectancy. And, with knowing we are mortal, who wouldn't want to live a few extra years?

5. Moral perfection is not obtainable. It's a matter of perception, and since everyone's view on perfection is different, it can never be truly acheived.

6. Order. I think that in order to accomplish your goals, you have to know what they are. Without order, there could be thousands of things to do and see, and you may not be able to figure out which are the most important.

Chris F said...

1) “A man being sometimes more generous when he has but a little money than when he has plenty, perhaps through fear of being thought to have but little.”I like this quote because it is true it seems that people with little or no money tend to give more then the rich.
2) The traits that made Ben Franklin successful was that he was a great thinker and tester to find out what worked or not.
3) What makes people admire him is that he did all these things with knowing very little.
4) We work to better ourselves because if we don't we don't get that far in life and we tend to feel helpless and lost. Yes i do think that moral perfection is attainable because if we do something good then we feel better then if we did something wrong.
5) Order because if we don't have order then we are just lost in the rough world of ours. I think that we all need more of it because we are all so busy today.

Paul D. said...

1. “I wished to live without committing any fault at any time; I would conquer all that either natural inclination, custom, or company might lead me into.” (p.92) I felt this quote was the best out of Franklin’s Autobiography because after leaving Boston, including his family, he went to New York and tried to make a life for himself there. I took his mentality that no matter what crossed his path he will become successful in life.
2. Franklin’s personal traits which made him a successful man in life were never giving up, finding ways to make technology better, and the gift of reason; which helped America gain its independence. Without Ben Franklin helping with the constitution I feel America’s key values would not be in the world today.
3. We work to better ourselves because no one starts out perfect. To always have a goal in life is the major point everyone does, or should, have in their life. Without goals we would never achieve anything in this life. Moral perfection is never attainable, because moral perfection is a state of mind above a human being’s intellectuality. To be perfect at anything is unattainable because the stakes keep getting higher the older we become. Its like the quote by Leonardo da Vinci, no one shows a perfect moral in everyday life. Only when we are out of our comfort zones and don’t realize our morals are kicking in do we show a small part of moral perfection! “The depth and strength of a human character are defined by its moral reserves. People reveal themselves completely only when they are thrown out of the customary conditions of their life, for only then do they have to fall back on their reserves.” (Leonardo da Vinci)
4. The most important value I find out of Franklin’s list of values is Frugality, because wasting only hurts the world and those who live in it. Being kind to your neighbor will end wars and conflicts, Mahatma Ghandi was dead on when he said this quote, “An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.” Being kind may be a dumb thing to some, but treating others with kindness and courtesy will get one far in life.

Liz S. said...

1. I would have to say my favorite Ben Franklin quotation from the text was, “Perhaps I was too saucy and provoking.” (pg 86). This quotation shows that the tone of this text is more laid back and not as proper as most of his writings and other writings at the time. It is also a great quote because it shows that he doesn’t blame his brother for thinking poorly of him. Rather, he makes it seem as if it was his own traits that influenced his brother’s beliefs.
2. Franklin possessed numerous traits that made him a successful and admirable man. One in particular is his drive to succeed. He was only 17 when he decided to embark on a journey that took him hundreds of miles from his family and from his known life. It was a huge gamble but he knew that if he took this journey, he would better his career as a printer. Not only was he a driven person, but he even formulated a list of virtues to help him on his path to success. He applied practicality to this list, yet he still kept the spice that allowed him to further his life and acquire the traits the list was designed to help with.
3. Ben Franklin is an easy man to come to admire for not only me, but many others as well. He’s a man that knows how to take responsibility for his own actions and is willing to take the consequences for those actions. He’s ambitious and noble and not only does he do what he sets his mind to, but he goes above and beyond. Franklin doesn’t sit back and watch others, he gets up and yells and states his opinion right next to those people. These wonderful traits, as well as many others are what make Ben Franklin admirable.
4. We better ourselves in order to mold to the social norm. There are people that somehow set the standard of how we should all act and what kind of people we should all be. The only reason people work to “better themselves” is to be just like everyone else, not for self actualization or improved health or state of mind. It’s all for fitting in and being the same. I don’t think that moral perfection is attainable because throughout history people have tried to better themselves or tried to be socially acceptable, but time after time things just change and people end up changing with them; therefore, moral perfection is never attainable because it’s never existed.
5. Of all the virtues, sincerity is most definitely the most important. It’s the idea of not hurting others and not acting ways that are unnecessary. This virtue is most important because society, then and now, lacks this virtue. Hurting others and being mean in some way is a common pattern that’s been repeated throughout history. In our daily lives everyone hurts someone, in some way, more than once. For example, politicians bash each other and break each other down constantly. Little children on the playground throw sand at people or don’t share the toys. Teachers break down students using grades or just talking to them. It’s the most important because it is the sore spot for almost everyone and needs to be fixed and bettered.

Loraine F. said...

1. My favorite quotation from his "Autobiography" is the one said by Carl Van Doren that stated "Mind and will, talent and art, strength and ease, wit and grace met in him as if nature had been lavish and happy when he was shaped" pg. 85. This quote appealed to me the most because I felt it applied really well to how important and essential his achievements where and still are.
2. Benjamin Franklin was very open minded. He believed anything was possible, and because of that he was remembered in history for his remarkable achievements.
3.I admire him because almost all he accomplished is still essential to life today. For instance, his invention of the bifocal glasses, and the lessons he taught us in achieving peace.
4.We work to better ourselves because it's essential to our lives. It's more beneficial for someone to be the best person they can be, rather then an unhealthy version of themselves.
5.I don't believe moral imperfection is attainable. someone can work as hard as they can to become a great person, but not a perfect person. To go along with that I agree with Lara that the most important virtue to obtain is frugality. I believe it is most important to always have a positive attitude and live life to the fullest. Without this virtue someone won't have the ability to look at the worst situations in a bright way. Everything has a solution as long as you problem solve with a positive attitude.

Gracynn said...

1. "On the contrary habits must be broken, and good ones aquired and established".(pg.92) I like this quote becasue it's important to stop bad habbits quick so you don't keep them, and its important to have good habits so they will stick with you for the rest of your life.
2. Benjamin Franklin was very goal oriented and passionate about what he did. It's important to have someone thats driven like that so we get further in life. I admire that he has self confidance and passion. I think we want to better ourselves because we need something to live for. We never are really satisfied with what we have so we just want to make ourselves better.
4. Resolution
people shoulnt hold grudges, we need to learn to just let things go.

Michael G. said...

1. "Speak not but what may benefit others or yourself; avoid trifling conversation"(89). This is a great quote because way to often do people speak out of line in this world, and if we didn't it'd be a lot more sound and benefitial.
2. Benjamin Franklin was definitely not a shy man so his best trait would be he was well educated. This brought him a ton of confidence when communicating
3. I admire his overal niceness. Multiple times he insisted on paying when he had nearly no money, or sharing when he had nearly no food. A person that nice deserves admiration.
4. We work to better ourselves to make ourselves feel better. Working hard has many benefits the most important being a happier state of mind. Moral perfection is obtainable if you seek out to do everything you possibly can with a good well being.
5. Franklins best virtue is 'Silence'. If you simply keep your mouth shut unless your benefiting others or yourself. Of course you can try and twist that into a negative light but if we followed this virtue there would be so much less drama and such in this world.

Kaitlyn H. said...

1. My favorite Ben Franklin quote was on page 92 that stated "On the contrary habits must be broken, and good ones aquired and established." I liked this quote because its true for everyone that bad habbits need to be broken and good habbits be picked up. Everyone should get into the habbit of picking up good traits and sticking to them.
2. He kept working unitl he succeeded. Ben Franklin had great ambition and that is a great quality to have and thats why he was so successful. He was strong and belived in himself that he could make this invention work, and he did.
3. I think everyone admiers him because he discovered electricity and who doesn't love that?
4. I think the reason we really work to better ourselves is because we are testing ourselves to see how far we can go and how far we cant. We try to see how much we can do until we succeed or fail, and we are the only ones who can do that, no one else can make you a better person but you.
5. No, moral perfection is not attainable. Perfection does not exist. It just doesnt.
6.Out of the list i believe sincerity was the most important. People that are more sincere, are better off in the real world. People that dont care about anything will just end up unhappy. I believe we need more peace. If people would get along everything would be so much better in this world. Everyone fighting does not help the stress people deal with all the time.

Tara.G said...

1. I personally liked the quote, "Speak not but what may benefit others or yourself; avoid trifling conversation." I liked this quote because it means that the conversation is pretty straight forward. Like don’t get me wrong I enjoy having long deep conversations with people but I don’t like my conversations to be pretty much pointless when I am trying to get to the point. I like a fast and easy conversation when I want to get to my point in the conversation.

2. Franklin didn’t only have one trait about him that made him the admirable and successful man that he was. No, Ben Franklin had many traits to him that people looked at to make him the man he was. One thing that stood out to me was that he thought anything was possible. I personally think that’s amazing about someone because it drives them to do their best in absolutely anything. Ben Franklin was very well educated which makes him even stronger. Also when something wasn’t good enough in his eyes he wouldn’t just give up. He would fight to make everything perfect in his eyes. All and all he was a very confident man which is something that an admirable and successful man and or woman needs! I personally would even have to say that I admire him in so many ways with how strong of a man he is.

3. I personally think that we work to better ourselves in so many different ways. One thing is that we can be better to the people around us and even feel better about ourselves. Also the fact that if we don’t better ourselves then where are we going to go in life? We are always going to be the same people as we were from the beginning and with that being said we have nothing to grow upon, nothing to look forward to. We won’t be able to become stronger and even healthier both mentally and physically if we don’t try and better ourselves. I personally think that moral perfection is attainable if someone wants it. If you don’t want it then it can’t be attainable in my eyes. You have to want to get better in life and better yourself to make it further in life.

4. I think that industry is probably the most important virtue on Ben Franklin’s list. This is because we as in our society needs to always being doing something such as learning new and different things, inventing new excited and useful things, and exploring everything around us to make life more interesting and not just interesting but better and strong. I just think that if we better these things it will not only make an individual stronger but life itself.

5. I truly think that we need order. Order is something that I believe is needed in any ones life, no matter what society or world you are living in. This will make each individual more organized with things. Such as, knowing where you want to go in life, what kind of life you want to live, accomplishing your different goals, and something as simple as knowing where things are around you. This can better a person and life in so many ways.

Amanda G. said...

1. "I wished to live without commiting any fault at any time."(86) I like this quote because ht saying that he wants to live life without making mistakes or hurting anyone and I can relate to that because I want to live like that too.

2. I think a character trait Ben Franklin had was he was confident. He was confident in that he would be sucessful which he was with many inventions. He also would stick to something until he finsihed it which made him sucessful.

3. I think others admire him for what he has done for are world today. He has changed are world today with all the inventions he has created to make are world a better place to live in.

4. I think we work to better ourselves to make us better than someone else. If we make ourselves better than others, then they will try to make them better than everyone and eventually everybody will be trying to be better than everyonelse.

5. I think everyone could attain moral perfection if they set there mind to it and go for it.

6. I think order is most important and we need more of because if we didnt have order then the whole world would chaos. If there was no order no body would be organized and not knowing what to do.

Natalie H. said...

1. "Resolve to perform what you ought; perform without fail what you resolve." & "lose no time; ne always employed in something useful; cut off all unneccesary actions." Pg. 93
-I liked both of these quotes the most, and equally as much; because I would want to live by these also. To perform what I can/should and do not fail in my resolution. Use my skills; but do not waste time with destractions or things that dont matter to me and are unneccesary to my certain path in life.
2.Franklin possessed that of an individual who was easily determined. He wasn't too much of a perfection, which is very beneficial, yet he was never a sacker. I see him as one who truly was the best he could be. He was always finding ways to create new things of just make a simple something even better.
3. I especially admire Benjamin Franklin for his devotion. He was not a quiter what so ever. Some how he always found motivation it seemed like and was devoted until he got it right of was satisfied. Never did he settle for less than his best and that makes me greatly inspired.
4.I believe we work and achieve more and more in order to better ourselves for our own feeling of accomplishment. That successful image always makes a person happy. The more achievements the more good feelings. I personally love the feeling of accomplishment and I believe that is what pushs people to strive for more.
5. Moral perfection is attainable acording to different people and different opinions. My moral perfection may be higher or lower or just totally different from some one else's. Its' all how that person views it. I think moral perfection does change to be greater as more goals are reached and whether you have obtained your moral perfection is really up to you. it's an opinion.
6. Industry I believe is the most important virture. Time is very precious and some things waste our time greatly. Such as, why learn all about how to operate an open heart surgery when you wnat to grow up and be a lawyer. That doesnt make any sense. "Cut off all unneccessary actions!"
7. We all need more of the virture: order. "let all your things have their places; let each part of your business have its time. I think this is extremely important. DOnt jump to conclusions let things fall into place yet have order. Dont waste time just trust your insincts.

brian h. said...

1. My favorite quote is "I have been the more particular in this description of my journey, and shall be so of my first entry into that city, that you may in your mind compar such unlikely beginnings with the figure I have since made there." (pg. 90) I like this quote because he compares himself at an early stage in life and at a late stage in life. This shows how much confidence he has in himself that he thinks he has made a name for himself.
2. I think Ben Franklin possessed many traits. He was humble yet confident, enthusiastic, generous, and personable. These traits helped him in this journey to Philadelphia and also in life's journey. He was willing to give to others even when he was poor. He was confident that he would do well in the new city and he was humble.
3. We admire him foremost because of his inventions and our ability to relate to him. He was a simple guy, one that we all would like to exemplify in our lives because of his down-to-earth life style instead of a haughty life style.
4. We work to better ourselves so that we can someday achieve perfection. Everybody wants to be known as perfect because that is how human beings are made. We want the spotlight on us instead of on somebody else.
5. I don't think moral perfection is attainable because nobody has ever been perfect. Nobody has never had a thought creep into their head that wants to hurt someone else.
6. I think the virtue that is most important is humility because once we become humble, other virtues start to become second-nature. To be humble is to be a servant and to love and serve others. If we can become servants, every other virtue on his list comes much more easily.
7. I think we need more frugality especially in the US. We are a country that likes to spend money and buy things. If we began to think about how to save a little more and how much we really need the item, we would buy a lot less.

davidh said...

1. “I wished to live without committing any fault at any time;…(page 92)” What is his basis for this perfection? Is it simply right and wrong? Or did he have something deeper in mind?
2. The Traits that made Franklin such a successful man were his Diplomatic skills, people skills, and his goals. No matter what Franklin found himself doing he was always working towards a goal of his.
3. We work to better ourselves merely because we are insecure. The root of these insecurities lays smack dab on pop culture. If people didn’t value icons so much they wouldn’t want to be just like them. What people don’t realize is that they can’t be those people no matter how much they starve themselves. But to ask if moral perfection is attainable is a silly question to me. There is no way to definitely define moral perfection so for someone to achieve such a status is preposterous to me.
4. I believe silence is the most important virtue from Franklin’s list. Silence is golden plus you can’t get yourself in trouble if you execute it. You can hold your dignity with it and keep your pride.
5. In this day an age we need more sincerity. The world would just be a much happier place if there was more of it. Today society is so contradictory to this concept because we’ve train ourselves to always be on the look out. Now day it almost seems that a sincere person is considered more suspicious than a rude person.

Spencer B said...

1. pg 89- "speak not but what may benefit others or yourself; avoid trifling conversations." I agree that conversations should be for the good of everyone. Do not just brag about yourself.
2. Self motivation, very ambitious, people pleaser, inventor. Benjamin was a successful merchant by the age of 24. He was well liked in London and Paris also America. He was a well recognized inventor.
I admire Benjamin Franklin because he achieved his goals. Most people only dream, but never achieve. He wanted to improve life for the benefit of all mankind.
3. Humans always want what they do not have. In order to get what we dont have, we must improve ourselves to really obtain the unreachable. Moral perfection can be attainable if a person's expectations are reasonable, if a person wants the level of God, that I believe cannot be done by any human. We are people that are too easily tempted.
4. Humility is one of the best virtue's because if you can follow Jesus and Socrates you are following most of the, "Golden Rule."
5.The virtue we need more is Frugality, we must be good to others and waste nothing.

Alyssa B. said...

“lose no time; and always employed in something useful; cut off all unnecessary actions." Pg. 93 is my favorite quote. Lately I’ve been reminded of how little time there is to do things, and how important the time we have left is. In school and work it’s important to focus and get tasks accomplished quickly and efficiently. However, in life as well, it is necessary to waste no time on worthless actions (drama gossip etc.) and focus your energy on growing with those close to you.

Franklin was determined and independent. He did not quail at adversity and always sought to better himself and his perception of the world. Although his ideas or beliefs may not have been accepted by all, he didn’t sway in them and remained true to himself and his ideals. I admire his belief in living for the present and his use of time, especially because I struggle with using mine efficiently (as I blog and 1 in the morning)

We work to better ourselves in order to evolve individually and as a society. If everyone was always content and never sought better ways of living, we’d still be in caves. In order to progress, man has to challenge his current living situation and beliefs. Due to this very reason, moral perfection cannot be attained because man is constantly seeking to improve himself and society around him. Since his internal struggle is the core of human nature, it will never be extinguished, only placated.

Industry is the most important virtue. As stated above, it is crucial to delegate and use one’s time efficiently. However, the most important part of industry is always being employed in something useful. This relates to humanity’s progression as a society. If each person invested their time in something useful and didn’t waste it on stupid things, innovation and intellect would skyrocket.

Although industry is the most important virtue, mankind needs to incorporate more tranquility in life. Especially in high school, humans get so wrapped up in meaningless trifles and therefore, are distracted from bettering themselves.

Andrew H. said...

1. My favorite quote from Ben Franklin would be were he said “I wished to live without committing any fault at any time.”(86) because it shows the true American dream and how everyone wants to be perfect not to have a big house with a white picket fence.
2. Some character traits that Franklin had that made him a successful man were self determination and he was individualized this made him push harder at his goals and didn’t care what others thought of him. (he was a pimp mack daddy)
3. I admire him just because he is the only non president to ever be on paper money and it is not just a dollar it’s the one hundred dollar bill must say something. He also was a mighty philosopher which is something I wish I could do
4. We work to better ourselves to achieve the American dream and never have any faults and live in the big house with the white picket fence with a wife and two kids, that’s what we all strive for right the American dream. Moral perfection is attainable through ones self maybe not through another’s eyes but your own.
5. His most important virtue would be tranquility because it says to not be disturbed by petty things. We also need more tranquility because the world would go to war over a dollar if they could
As always peace love and Harkin

Phil E. said...

1.My favorite quote from the autobiography was, "...I might if I stayed, soon bring myself into scrapes and farhter that my indiscreet disputations about religion began to make me pointed at with horror by good people as an infidel or atheist." pg 86. I really like this because Franklin doesn't hide his beliefs and he knows how people think about him. He is not afraid to express his views and I respect that.

2. Rhetoric Ben had the gift of gab which helped him a lot. He was also very intelligent and that was a big factor in his life.

3. I admire Franklin because he had his beliefs and he was not afraid to express them. In my opinion he was one of the first men to rip up his "cool card" and considering the time he lived that is very impressive.

4. We work to better ourselves because there is a fire inside of us called ambition that we have to cater to. Ambition is what gives us the need to better ourselves and find who we really are.

5. Moral perfection is not attainable because you can always get better no matter what. There is no such thing as true perfection. However moral satisfaction is reachable and that is as close to perfection as we can come.

6. The most important virtue on Franklin's list is Tranquility. To truly experience the world one must be satisfied with himself and have so called inner piece. With out tranquility it is pointless to even strive to reach the other goals. The virtue the world needs more of is humility. We live in a world where peoples heads grow larger every day and there egos rise at an exponential rate. People need to remember to be humble and remember. A person however small they may be is still a person.

Jesse.C said...

1. "A man being sometimes more generous when he has but a little money then when he had plenty, perhaps through fear of being thought to have but little."(p.90)

I like this because I can relate to it. I've been in situations where my friends have helped me out and I offered them money and they didn't want to except it, also I've helped out friends and they've offered me something and I didn't want to except it because it just seemed like the right thing to do.

2. One of Ben Franklin's traits was that he never gave up. When he had to walk miles and miles or when he was in a boat soked he never gave up. It probably would've been real easy just to quit what he was doing and just stay where he was at and hope something good would happen. He was also very generous. He gave 2 people his bread when he was full, when he could've just saved them for when he was hungry again. I think because he was generous to other people, people were generous back.

3. He's a good person, those 2 traits I just listed about him are great values to have because if you do have them life will be a lot easier and better.

4. We try to better ourselves because when you do better yourself most the time your more successful and when that happens lifes easier and usually better.

Margaux L said...

1. "Speak not but what may benefit others or yourself;avoid trifling conversation." This would be one of my favorite quotes because its pretty much saying to just avoid dumb conversations that are not needed and have conversations that are meaningful.
2. Franklin reached high for what he wanted and never gave up on it. He never wanted to quit and just wanted to better the world. People seem to always be drawn to people like this. Its easy to just give up but he didn't and that's what people like.
3. I believe we work to better ourselves because inside we know we want a good life and to a certain extent we were taught to just survive and better ourselves.
4.Yes I think moral perfection is attainable because everybody has their own version of what moral perfection looks like. Everyone can obtain their own perfection in their own ways.
5. I think industry is the most important because everyone needs to be doing something at some time. I believe we need more order because if everything was perfectly ordered then life would be so much easier to go through. In order to accomplish what you want you need to be organized and know how to do it.